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This bathroom cabinet was featured in the guest casita at the "Street of Dreams 98". The hand painted finish was created to help enhance the feel of "Morocco" the designer had created.
Street of Dreams Bathroom Vanity
Wagner Bathroom Cabinet
The newly installed cabinets, pictured here, are distressed and painted to give the bathroom a rustic charm.
The look and feel of this bathroom was transformed by changing the "Golden Oak" cabinets to a painted finish. Colors were pulled out of faux finish on walls and newly installed tile.
Bathroom Cabinets Finished to Compliment Newly Installed Tile and Faux Wall Finish
Kitchen Cabinets Distressed and Painted with  Sage Green Finish
Cabinets have been distressed and painted to completely change the feel of this kitchen. A sage green finish was chosen to tie in with the colors in the connecting front room.

Guest Bathroom Cabinet Finished to Compliment the New Tile Counter Top
This guest bathroom cabinet was painted and distressed
with a green/taupe finish. The colors were chosen to
compliment the new tile counter top.

Particle Board to Faux Mesquite Finish
A painted particle board bookcase and cabinet was
transformed into these wonderful shelves and
awesome faux "Mesquite Wood" Cabinets.

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